Breaking Out Of Old Habits to Unleash New Creative Freedoms

November 15, 2016  •  1 Comment

Impressionist Sunrise - 5Impressionist Sunrise - 5Select the "Buy" button in the upper right corner to purchase over 175 different products to include: fine art prints, greeting cards, calendars, canvas gallery wraps, metal ornaments, coasters, mugs, mouse pad, postage stamps, and more! I decided to write this article today because I have been in a "creative rut" lately.  I am an advocate of consistency, quality, and control over the creative process, but I am also an advocate for exploring new techniques, even if it is for fun.  

I have been a student of pictorialism and 19th-century soft focus large format lenses for many years.  The ethereal aesthetic from some of the original Pictorialists resonates with me.  I have done my fair share of traditional soft focus landscape and still life large format photography, but I have recently been exploring new territory, and I thought it might be helpful or even possibly inspiring for some of my readers.  

I began thinking, "what if"... What if I did this... and this unlocked some new creative freedoms in me, even after three decades of experience.  

For the photo at the top of this article I used a 1/15th shutter speed and employed a slight panning motion that went with the direction of the trees.  The "keeper ratio" is pretty low with this technique, but when you get one that you like, it is really something very unique.  You can use any format of camera ranging from large format to the camera on your phone.  

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Oh yes, love breaking out of a creative rut and exploring new ways to create. I really like the beautiful vivid orange theme that runs through many of the images and your use of soft focus, selective focus and slow shutter camera movement that "smears" the images. In some ways working like this is similar to film work, in that you don't really know what you'll have (in terms of keepers and "home run" images) until you've have a chance to post process and use creative techniques there too! Love seeing this type of work, how fun it is, and how it can break all of us out of our normal, familiar, routine ways of seeing the world and creating our art. Way to go Tim!! Love it!
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