Video Workshop - How to Create Amazing Flower Photos Using Any Camera

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In my new "How to Create Amazing Flower Photos Using Any Camera" video course, I show you step-by-step how to use any camera that you already own to create amazing flower photos.  

I share several low-cost insider tips that the pros don't want you to know.  These techniques will dramatically improve your flower photographs.   

In the 26 minute HD video workshop, I include 23 specific tips that will transform your flower photography.  I demonstrate the methods using an iPhone, entry level DSLR, and a mid-level DSLR camera. 

Using common everyday items, not specific to photography, I show you how to shape and control light, understand which conditions are best for creating high-quality images, and all requiring very little money and time to master.  


  • Any type of camera (phone, DSLR, film) 
  • 30 minutes to complete the lesson
  • A desire to create beautiful floral photographs​

GET STARTED NOW for only $29 USD.  You get immediate access to all of the course content and you can choose to download it or stream it online.  

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-Tim Layton 

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