The New Greenhouse is Being Built!

October 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Started the greenhouse projectStarted the greenhouse projectCheck out my DIY Solar Energy eBook. I am in the beginning stages of building my greenhouse before winter sets in. 

Some of you may already know that I moved entirely off the grid this past year and my son and I built our tiny houses, my darkroom, and workshop. It has been a busy year!   My definition of off the grid means that I do not have any public utilities.  I create my electricity via solar and the wind and I source my water.  I like it this way...   

In this photo to the left, we just dug the post holes for the 4x4 posts, and we laid the gravel for the floor.  We rested the posts in their holes waiting to cement them in tomorrow.  I will be adding four more posts and then I will start on the rest of the construction process which will include clear polycarbonate panels and custom-built shelving for my flowers and vegetables.  

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I am making this investment for two primary reasons.  First, I want to be able to grow my flowers to photograph all year long.  Second, to take the next step in my personal sustainability journey, I want to be able to grow fresh vegetables the entire year.  

I was able to plant several beds of wildflowers this year, which was very nice.  I am still getting blooms from my Cosmos and Dahlia flowers in late October which are very rare.  I just photographed some of my Dahlia's earlier this week with my Chamonix Whole Plate view camera.   

I will post new photos as I get the new greenhouse built and operational.  

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