Infrared Video - Developing the Dahlia Plate I Paper Negative by Inspection

October 30, 2016  •  1 Comment

Whole Plate large format and my Dahlia FlowerWhole Plate large format and my Dahlia Flower In this infrared video, I show you the development of the paper negative for the Dahlia Plate I print.  You can view the prints and the behind the scenes photos and videos too. 

By using the infrared video capabilities of my video camera, I can share darkroom techniques and processes like this with my viewers.  

The development method involves mixing a dilute developer and developing the paper negative in an open tray in the darkroom.  I used Dektol at 1:9 for this paper negative.

You don't need much space to do this, but it does need to be light tight and dark.  I use a LED red torch headlamp to help me watch the development process and determine when I want to snatch the paper negative from the developer and place it in the stop bath and the fixer to complete the process.   I hope you enjoy the video.  

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I picked up my red LED headlamp from my local hardware store and then tested it to ensure that it would not cause fogging.  To test, under safelight conditions, simply lay a coin on your paper and use the new headlamp like you would if you were developing the paper.  For me, this means that I shine the light on the paper for a few seconds every thirty seconds or so, and watch for progress.  Then develop, stop, and fix your paper like it was a normal print and see if you can see any signs of fogging around the area where you laid the coin.  If not, then you are ready to go.  This testing process can also be used to verify that your darkroom is dark too.  

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