Do You Want to Learn How to Create Amazing Flower Photos with Your Mobile Phone in Just 5 Minutes?

October 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Do you want to learn how to create amazing flower photos with your mobile phone in just 5 minutes? 

It is currently the middle of October and my Cosmos flowers that I planted from seeds earlier this year are having an unexpected late run.  I am really happy to see them still blooming.  While looking at them this morning, I realized that I could quickly create some amazing photos of my flowers and share them with my friends and family to brighten their day a little.  

I will be sharing exactly how I created these photos using my mobile phone with my Nature Photography Tips Newsletter subscribers on Saturday morning.  

​I used my iPhone, but any modern phone with a decent camera will work just fine.  I did not edit these photos in any way.  I literally uploaded them directly from my phone to my web server and placed them in this article.  

I hope you enjoy the photos of my Cosmos flowers and I look forward to seeing what you create after you learn the technique.  

"I want to teach people how to create amazing photos using any camera and debunk the myth that photographers need expensive gear to create world-class images." -Tim Layton

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