Update on Large Format Video Lessons

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Hi, this is an update on the large format video lessons that I am in the process of creating.  My current draft syllabus is available now. Be sure to send me an email with your input, comments, and suggestions while the course is in development.  

Earlier this year I posted a blog and to a few social media sites to inquire about the level of interest that people may have about learning large format photography from the ground up.  The response was very strong and I decided to develop a video-based course that eliminated the need for expensive travel and workshop fees.  The final fee has not been determined yet, but it will be less that $100 for sure.  

Subscribe to my Large Format Newsletter for future updates and special information that I publish to my subscribers.  I will be providing updates along the way and getting your input and feedback to ensure that I create a course that you value and want.  

My goal is to provide so much value that you will be asking yourself "how can Tim deliver so much value for this fee?".  The answer to that question is a two-fold.  First, I am building this and other courses that will stand the test of time and not dependent on the latest gadget or software revision.  I want to create courses in a community format that people come back to over and over again.  As you continue to improve and grow, I want you to be able to come back to each course community and share with your peers and also be able to refresh yourself in ceartain areas.  Second, I am confident that my courses will be embraced by a lot of people and so I am offering my courses at a mass quantity discount to everyone, right out of the gate.  



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