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September 16, 2015  •  1 Comment

In this episode of "Darkroom Discussions" I share my latest testing for Ilford Harman Direct Positive Black and White fiber paper using ISO 1/3/6 and three developers.  I developed in Diafine, Rodinal, Ilford Multigrade and Ilford PQ Universal at various dilutions that I discuss in the video.  After you watch the video, be sure to comment, share and ask any questions that you want.  




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Michael Aubrey(non-registered)
I'm wondering about your attempts with Diafine here. There's a review of the Harmon DP on BHphotovideo by a pinhole photographer who really likes the look, but recommends reducing soaking time in each solution to 1 minute each. Interesting thought. Diafine can create a thinner negative; perhaps the full three minutes would create a thick positive?
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