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I am super excited to publish a new video diary of my most recent trip through the Ozark mountain region of Missouri while photographing the landscape.  I want to first thank my subscribers for supporting me in this journey and helping me live my dream.  I couldn't do it without your generous support and I want you to know how grateful and thankful I truly am.  My hope is to inspire you, provide a much needed break from the busy technology-driven world surrounds us, and maybe even entertain you a little bit too.  

All subscribers should have received an email so that you are go watch the new movie.  Please send me an email and share your thoughts with me.



For those that have not subscribed yet, I wanted to share a brief highlight in this trailer of some of the awesome places that I explored during this adventure.  I hope this trailer brightens your day and gives you an opportunity to relax for a moment and enjoy the beauty that we have in nature.  

About the Subscription

In a new subscription, I share my personal story and journey as a fine art nature and landscape photographer with you.  I use traditional film cameras versus modern digital equipment to create my work.  I take you along on every step of my journey starting with traveling, hiking, and scouting, to behind the scenes in my darkroom when I create my fine art prints.  This content is only available to my subscribers.  

The videos that I share are an honest and real view into my world where I hold nothing back from my subscribers.  I share in my successes as well as my struggles during every step of my creative life.  

I am excited to share my life and work with you and get ready to experience the awe and beauty of nature.  



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