Getting Closer to Making some Chloride Bromide (ClBr) Emulsion for Large Format Paper Negatives

December 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I am having a blast working through the process of finding a suitable paper substrate for some hand made paper negatives that I want to use for making large format contact prints.  First, I want to acknowledge and thank Denise Ross ( for her gracious mentoring and help during this journey.  A lot of what I am using for a knowledge base on this project comes directly from her new book (The Light Farm, Vol. 1).  I reviewed her book recently and I highly recommend it.  

I have found a handful of papers that I am going to be testing soon and so now I am mounting a charge to make some emulsion from scratch. 

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I am going to make some Chloride Bromide (ClBr) emulsion, much like the KodaBromide paper that was discontinued by Kodak in 1999. For my intentions, I think this emulsion formula when matched with the right paper will be a good place to start for making paper negatives.  I want an emulsion with good contrast and dynamic range (within reason based on the emulsion capabilities) and a paper that suits my creative objectives.  The choice of developer will also have an impact as well.  For now, I want to find a smooth paper that will produce nice detail and then I will likely explore paper like Arches Platine that has a tooth to it to create something that is unique and different.  The excitement is mounting on my end and I will keep you posted with the next steps. 

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