What Would You Like to Learn as a Traditional Analog Photographer?

November 26, 2015  •  6 Comments

I am about to release two new video workshops, one on how to test large format film to establish your own personal exposure index and determine development times for N, N+ and N- to be used with the black and white darkroom zone system, and the other exploring paper negatives for contact printing and darkroom enlargements.  

I wanted to reach out to the traditional analog photography community to find out what you would like to learn and explore.  Leave me a comment below with your desired topics and I will take your feedback into my future course development.  

I create very focused video-based workshops on photographic topics.  I share my knowledge and wisdom with you in 30 minutes.  I get right to the point and there is no fluff.  I immerse you immediately into the topic area and share with you everything that I know.  I want you to put the course material to use immediately and start exploring the technique, method or process in your own unique way. 

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Tim Layton Fine Art
Hi Karen, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree, it is a great topic and likely a little bit difficult to teach in general. But, a course on dodging and burning is a great idea though. I am going to add this to my short list of ideas. Thanks!!
Karen Thurman(non-registered)
The hardest thing for me is working out where I can make improvements in my print. If you look at the minute, intricate dodging/burning master printers like Magnum's Inrio made it's jaw dropping. I guess it's a question of being able to see and then reveal what you see. Probably a tough ask for a video course though!
Rolf Schmolling(non-registered)
well, I am expecting the new high speed positive paper in 4x5 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/114183606/galaxy-hyper-speed-direct-positive-photo-paper) so the course would be welcome. Hopefully the film testing workshop is following suit. And… the Large Format Course is still on? Spring and Photographer's new season would be perfect!? R.
bobby kulik(non-registered)
Hi Tim,
The one on paper negs./contact printing would be great. I wouldn"t mind one on direct positive but truthfully I don"t know how long that will be around. Using x-ray film would be a better one for me actually due to the cost of normal 8x10 and closer to normal film speed. Like I mentioned earlier I currently do not have an 8x10 but I can sure enough build pinhole in 8x10 to start out.
Tim Layton Fine Art
Hi Bobby, thanks for your comment and suggestions. I love large format contact printing and the mediums you mentioned. Each of the mediums, sheet film, paper negative, x-ray film, direct positive paper are unique enough to warrant their own short video course. If there is one medium that you would like to learn to master first, let me know. I am just about to release a course on paper negatives which includes contact printing, so that one will be taken care of for you. Thanks and I look forward to staying connected with you.

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