New Bed in the Sprinter for Off Grid Comfort - #OffTheGrid

November 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Personal comfort, water, and good quality food make off the grid living a total joy.  Miss any one of these three and the experience declines quickly.  I have built a few bed/storage systems in the Sprinter so far, and I think I am settled on this design for a while.  I have lots of storage in the back for gear and equipment, and so I wanted my bed to be comfortable, and also allow for storage too.  I designed it so I would have plenty of head room when I sat up in the bed and three large storage crates would fit underneath.  I have extra room for some small storage crates, sleeping bag, extra pillows, and so on.  This design leave with me a lot of extra floor space in the front where I have my fold up desk by the side window.  If I wanted to put some fluffy pillows on the back of the bed it can serve as a sofa as well.  I built the bed so it could also serve as a work surface in the future too.  It is at the perfect height for a normal chair.  

In the top picture you can see the basic design where I covered the dead space of the wheels.  I use 3/4" OSB board for the main deck and in the final photo you can see that my bed is ready for some use!  If I like the design, then I will make doors and cover the area in the front to give it a finished look.  

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