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I created a closed Facebook group dedicated for large format photographers that want a place to share their analog work (e.g., darkroom prints via film, paper negatives, dry plates; POP prints; wet plate collodion; E-6 slides, etc.).  The group is called Large Format Darkroom Photography.  If you have a Facebook account and want to join us, go to the group and submit a request to join.  I welcome large format photographers of all skill levels.  

What is my motivation for creating this group?

​I am an advocate for keeping the art and craft of analog photography alive in a world that has digitized just about every aspect of human life.  While I have nothing against many aspects of the digital revolution, it is nice to preserve and share in some things which simply don't need to be improved or replaced by the new.  I think traditional analog photography is just fine that way it is and was since the 1840's.  

How can you share a physical medium in the virtual on-line group?

Just as I did with the image in this post, one way is to simply snap a photo of your analog masterpiece with your phone or any other camera and share it with the group.  The idea is to share your analog output with the group, tell us about your process and anything else that you would like to share.  In order to keep the spirt of the group in check, I don't want people scanning their negatives, prints, plates, or slides and touching them up with a program like Adobe LightRoom or Photoshop.  There are plenty of other groups on Facebook where you can share this type of work.  I want to keep the experience as close to the original work as possible and celebrate that we created something unique with our hands versus a computer.  

I look forward to seeing your work and don't forget to also post photos of you in the field creating.  




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