Proper Proof Review of Alley Spring & Mill FP4+ Negatives - Part 2

October 11, 2015  •  1 Comment

In the first part, I reviewed the negatives as I was getting ready to hang them to dry.  You may want to review that video before watching this one. 

I created proper proofs from my 5 negatives and I am very happy with the results.  I have recently just completed the zone system testing of Ilford FP4+ and this was the first outing in the field using my test results.  Everything was literally as I expected and that is exactly the kind of control that we strive for in black and white printmaking in the darkroom.  Now the hard part is creating something worth looking at!  

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I am going to evaluate the negatives more closely and I will be making a large gallery print of the small cascade/waterfall scene if everything passes the quality review check.  If so, I will post a new article and video of the making of this large print in my darkroom.  

In this video, I show you the proper proofs as I was pulling them out of the water bath.  Please comment below and tell me about your experiences with Ilford FP4+.  

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Jon Ball(non-registered)
I've been shooting fp4 this fall in my 5x7 and have found the EI if 80 to be best for my needs. I have also found that clearing all of the color out of the film (purple pink cast) to be very difficult. Overall it's been very nice to work with though.
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