Baby Buggy + Large Format = Goodness in Darkroom Discussions

October 05, 2015  •  5 Comments

In this video, I share my initial impressions of using a baby buggy in the field with my large format photography.  Enjoy the video and be sure to comment below.

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Tim Layton Fine Art
Hi Graham, I propped up my iPhone on a rock and did the video with it... I have been very impressed with the video and even sound capabilities of the iPhone 6 and even better with the 7 and 7+ now. The vast majority of all my videos are with the iPhone except when I need infrared in the Darkroom I use a Canon Video HD camera for that. Hope that helps...
Graham Hughes(non-registered)
Hey Tim, what did you use for your video camera...crisp footage.
Greg H(non-registered)
Cool Stroller. What a smart way to travel.
Tim Layton Fine Art
Hi Rick, that is true!!! I was in some deep gravel and it was more difficult. I finally figured out to turn around and pull it. :)
I use a stroller, they pull a whole bunch easier than they push.
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