Understanding Color Spectrum for Silver Gelatin Emulsion Makers

Understanding the color spectrum and how it relates to silver gelatin emulsion formulas is an important part of photo chemistry that one must ultimately master to gain to...
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The Large Format Paper Negative Conundrum

As I invest more time exploring the possibility of using paper with a hand-made silver gelatin emulsion recipe, I am starting to feel like this may not be a direction tha...
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Adox Baryta Paper Initial Response to Silver Gelatin Emulsion Testing

I am continuing to test the Adox Baryta paper for its response and behavior to coating it with silver gelatin emulsion. In these photos you can see the paper curl after i...
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Initial Test of Adox Baryta Paper for Coating with Silver Gelatin Emulsion

In this video, I perform a simple test on the Adox Fine Art Baryta paper to see how it will respond to being coated with a silver gelatin emulsion. My hope is that it wil...
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Video - Materials Review in the Darkroom for the Chloro-Bromide Silver Gelatin Emulsion

In this brief video, I show the materials and tools that I use to create my Chloro-Bromide (ClBr) silver gelatin emulsion for my large format paper negatives. I also sho...
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Materials List to Make the Chloro-Bromide (ClBr) Emulsion for my Large Format Paper Negatives

This is a brief article to provide an update on the making of the ClBr (Chloro-Bromide) silver gelatin emulsion for my large format paper negatives. I am creating the em...
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New Facebook Group - Silver Gelatin Emulsion Makers

Please join me in a new Facebook group that I created to bring together traditional photographers to share and discuss the art and science of creating silver gelatin emul...
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