Darkroom Daily Digest: Results From My Aspect Ratio Poll

I created two polls yesterday and asked my social media network to cast their votes. In the fist poll, I presented two panoramic images labelled A and B (see the image to...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: The High-Level Steps For Making Silver Gelatin Emulsions

I thought it would be a good idea to provide a high-level overview of the emulsion-making process so that in future articles the foundation will have been laid and reader...
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Announcing The Tim Layton Fine Art Affiliate Program for Photographers

I am super excited to help fellow photographers earn money by referring my video workshops. My affiliate program helps everyone involved. You get to make a passive income...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: Restarting My Journey With Silver Gelatin Dry Plates

After a year of building my house and my new darkroom totally off the grid, I can finally get back to work. It has been an incredibly rewarding and also difficult journey...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: The Stories Behind 18% Gray & Metering

Have you ever wondered where the 18% gray theory originated as it relates to metering? I've heard a couple different stories that I will share with you today. While I do...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: Understanding & Calculating Relative Depth of Field

Have you ever wanted to compare the depth of field of two different lenses? I am going to share a very simple formula with you in this article that will help you underst...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: Scouting Stegall Mountain for Large Format Landscapes

​In today's article, I thought I would share how I use my Viewfinder iPhone app for my iPhone to scout for large format landscapes. I live fully off the grid most of the...
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