Large Format B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Print - Darkroom Dahlia

It was a fantastic day in the darkroom. My son and I made this new print using our newly updated 8x10 enlarger. "Darkroom Dahlia" is a limited edition black and white si...
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Large Format B&W Dahlia Floral Still Life - Episode 1

In this episode, I take you behind the scenes with me outside of my darkroom while I photograph a freshly-bloomed Dahlia. I share my experience during the exposure and th...
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Video: Wall Mounting My 8x10 Large Format Enlarger For Making Black & White Fine Art Prints

In this video, I share my latest update on wall mounting my Beseler 810V-XL 8x10 large format enlarger for making 40x50 and 30x40 large format silver gelatin darkroom pri...
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Video: 8x10 Darkroom Enlarger Lens Reveal

I get frequent questions about which lenses I use to make my silver gelatin fine art gallery prints, so I put together this article to share my lenses with you. I use a...
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Video: My 8x10 Large Format Enlarger Setup For Making 30x40 & 40x50 Silver Gelatin Prints

In this video, I share my brand new setup that I just finished for making 30x40 and 40x50 silver gelatin darkroom prints. In the next edition of the Darkroom Undergrou...
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Making 40x50 Silver Gelatin Prints With my 8x10 Enlarger

I am working on a new solution to make 40x50 and 30x40 silver gelatin fiber gallery prints from 8x10 film on my Beseler 8x10 enlarger. I have the 810A cold light head con...
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The July 2018 Edition of the Darkroom Underground Magazine is Available Now!

It has been an amazing first year and we are excited to start our second year of publication. We have 121 pages of spectacular analog photographs to share with you in thi...
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30 Days With My 11x14 Large Format Camera and X-Ray Film (Episode 1)

In July, 2018, I am going to spend thirty days with my 11x14 large format camera using only Kodak Ektascan B/RA X-Ray film. If you have been thinking about using or want...
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Exploring The Colorado Rocky Mountains - Episode 2

In this video today, I share some of the magnificent scenery of my travels and exploration of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I have traveled all over the world and I th...
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Making the Silver Gelatin Darkroom Print From Alley Spring & Mill (Episodes 2 and 3 of 3)

In the first video, we took you to Alley Spring & Mill in the Ozark Mountains while we photographed the area with my Pentax 67II loaded with T-Max 400 rated at EI-250 and...
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