Darkroom Daily Digest: The Function of Gelatin in Classic Darkroom Photography

Arguably one of the most important inventions in photography was gelatin. Even though the masses have followed the trail of photography to the digital realm, I am very aw...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: Starting the Design Process For My Dry Plate Drying Box

Now that my new darkroom is completed, I am starting back on my mission to make silver gelatin emulsion from raw materials, and create silver gelatin dry plates to use in...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: Testing Fixers in the Darkroom

I get a lot of questions from photographers on how to know if the stop and/or fixing bath has been exhausted. I don't use indicator stop baths and since I mix my own chem...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: Results From My Aspect Ratio Poll

I created two polls yesterday and asked my social media network to cast their votes. In the fist poll, I presented two panoramic images labelled A and B (see the image to...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: The High-Level Steps For Making Silver Gelatin Emulsions

I thought it would be a good idea to provide a high-level overview of the emulsion-making process so that in future articles the foundation will have been laid and reader...
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Announcing The Tim Layton Fine Art Affiliate Program for Photographers

I am super excited to help fellow photographers earn money by referring my video workshops. My affiliate program helps everyone involved. You get to make a passive income...
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Darkroom Daily Digest: Restarting My Journey With Silver Gelatin Dry Plates

After a year of building my house and my new darkroom totally off the grid, I can finally get back to work. It has been an incredibly rewarding and also difficult journey...
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