How to Use a Sekonic Light Meter to Determine Contrast in a Scene

In this video today I share my technique that I use to determine the contrast (dynamic range) of a scene. I use this information to determine my development method (N Nor...
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Lith Printing my Winter Tree 2015 Portfolio

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since I started my 2015 Winter Tree Portfolio. I have made the decision to print the portfolio as Lith prints. The cr...
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Baby Buggy + Large Format = Goodness in Darkroom Discussions

In this video, I share my initial impressions of using a baby buggy in the field with my large format photography. Enjoy the video and be sure to comment below. [Y...
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Large Format Sheet Film Cost Update & HP5 Considerations - October 4, 2015

I am evaluating my standard large format sheet film choices and part of my choice is impacted by cost. Since I did the cost analysis, I thought it may help others. I sour...
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Why Large Format in 2015?

Why not use large format photography in 2015? I am often asked about why I would go to all the trouble of lugging around "that huge camera" when digital has taken over th...
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The Quest to Get Ilford HP5+ 11x14 Large Format Film Figured Out

With the new 11x14 camera, I am going to test and give HP5+ 11x14 sheet film a try. I don't care for HP5+ in 120 roll film, so I hope my opinion is different for the larg...
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Unboxing of New 11x14 and 4x5 Chamonix View Camera's

The day has finally come! After two years of saving and dreaming of replacing my Burke & James 11x14, the new camera's have finally arrived!! Watch the unboxing video bel...
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I create original fine art images inspired by my love of nature. I don't photograph things....I photograph my love for them. -Tim Layton


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