My First Project in my New Off Grid Darkroom - Ancient St. Francois Mountains

I have officially moved to my land and the new off-grid darkroom that I have been building for the last six months. Things are going to be a mess for a little while, but...
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Check Out My 30 Year Old Photo Desktop Printer

I am always seeing new advertisements for the next best "desktop photo printer" and I laugh to myself because I have been using the same printer for 30 years. I will neve...
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Ilford Annual ULTRA LARGE FORMAT (ULF) Sheet Film Campaign 2016

I thought it would be a good time to remind my readers about the annual Ilford ultra large format sheet film campaign for 2016. The order window is open until May 27th. Y...
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New Hahnemühle Platinum Rag Paper

I am very excited because there is a new paper for platinum printing. If you have never tried platinum printing, then this is something you should try at least a few time...
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New Video - Off Grid Darkroom Project Update 04/15/2016

I am just two or three weeks away from having my new darkroom up and running. It is a special project because it is completely off the grid and in the middle of nature....
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Black and White Darkroom Resource Glossary

I found a very good thread over on APUG that I thought could be useful for darkroom photographers. I have consolidated the information into a single article and over time...
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Are You Over-Correcting and Blind to Your Potential Shortcomings?

In the paragraph below, Ansel Adams shared some interesting insights about himself in his book, The Print. If you don't already own the book, you should consider getting...
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