Selling Some Photo Gear on eBay to Fund my Off the Grid Darkroom and Cabin

Hi, I wanted to let my readers know that I am starting to post some listings on eBay for some of my photo gear. I have to make sacrifices to move my off the grid darkroom...
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What Would You Like to Learn as a Traditional Analog Photographer?

I am about to release two new video workshops, one on how to test large format film to establish your own personal exposure index and determine development times for N, N...
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New Facebook Group Dedicated to Large Format Analog Photography

There are some really good Facebook groups for large format photographers, but there was a gap in my mind for those of us that continue to work and create in the analog r...
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New Mobile Dark Tent for Working in the Field

I had posted a photo of my home made dark box on Facebook that I use in my Sprinter while in the field and my photo friend Kimberly Anderson commented and inspired me to...
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One Camera, One Film, What is Your Choice?

I was recently talking to a friend and I asked him, if you had to pick one camera and one film to create with for the rest of your life, what would your choice be and why...
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New Subscription - Explore Nature with Tim Layton

Subscribe Now In a new subscription, I share my personal story and journey as a fine art nature and landscape photographer with you. I use traditional film cameras versu...
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Thinking About the Type of Prints That I Want to Create at my Off the Grid Cabin and Darkroom

As I start the real work of building out my off the grid cabin and darkroom, my mind is racing about the possibilities and options that I have in front of me. The core t...
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