My mission is to bring joy and lower stress for people by sharing the healing power of nature through my art.

In an over busy, technology-driven world, viewing images of natural subjects such as flowers, trees, and scenic vistas have been medically proven to help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and shorten recovery time from illness. Other highly desirable outcomes as noted by researchers include improved sense of creativity, more frequent feelings of job satisfaction, and a longer tenure on your job.

When viewing black and white nature-based art, something magical happens that is unexpected. Your mind engages in a way that isn’t possible if the art were in color. Your mind fills in the gaps in the scene and triggers new areas of the brain.

The small size of my Pocket Nature ArtTM allows you to bring nature with you, wherever you go and experience the healing and therapeutic powers of nature at any time. Each of my Pocket Nature ArtTM comes with a protective viewing case to fully protect it from handling and transport. Heading to a stressful event like a doctor visit? No problem, bring your Pocket Nature ArtTM with you and reclaim your sense of wellbeing instead of looking at sterile walls and fiddling with your phone.

We are currently photographing several limited edition Pocket Nature ArtTM and preparing them to be posted in the galleries for sale. If you have any questions in the mean time, please send me an email.

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You can read my article about the Pocket Art movement, and my article about pure platinum Pocket Nature ArtTM, which is the first type of this artwork in the world.

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Behind the Scenes Photos

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Pocket Nature Art Custom Mats