I have a lot of people ask me about my 4x5 large format gear that I use and so I thought I would publish an article and show everyone my tools.

If you want the full list of my exact 4x5 large format gear, just click on this link, and I will email you a PDF.

4x5 Camera Equipment

I mostly use the Chamonix 4x5 view camera for this format because of its light weight and incredible versatility.  The camera only weighs about 3 lbs/1400g, making it lighter than many modern pro DSLR cameras.  I use this camera for strenuous backpacking adventures or when I want to create a silver gelatin enlargement from my negative medium.  I tend to contact print my 8x10 and 11x14 negatives, although I have made several 4x5 contact prints that I am very fond of.  

I use these lenses most frequently:

  • 90mm Nikkor SW f4.5 - F4.5
  • 180mm - Nikkor W F5.6-F64
  • 240mm - Nikkor W F5.6-F64 
  • 300mm - Fujinon-C F8.5-F64

I typically only take 2 or 3 lenses from my inventory on any given outing.  I do own and use other lenses

For metering, I typically use a Sekonic 758-DR and I have an older Sekonic 508 that I keep as my backup.  I have been using the 758 since 2010 and really rely on it with a high degree of accuracy.

For a loupe, I use a Wista 5x (the black one) the most.  I also keep a pair of +3 reader glasses in my kit to set up the composition and get the focus fairly close, before moving to the loupe.  

For size comparison, I set my 4x5 Chamonix view camera next to the 11x14. No other words are required beyond this photo.  :)  

For miscellaneous items, I use a manual stop watch for exposures, a lens brush and micro fiber clothes, an extra battery for my Sekonic 758 meter, extra rubber bands (needed many times in the field), a spanner wrench in case I need to work on lenses in the field, a flexible measuring tape to calculate bellows factor for exposure comp in case I do any closeup work in the field, and a couple cable releases, with one serving as a backup.  I use a darkcloth that has an elastic band around the front side and velcro along the seam.  It also stays in my case to help protect the ground glass too.  I also have an old black sweatshirt with a white t-shirt inside it that I use for a darkcloth too.  

I have a variety of older 11x14 film holders, but after I purchased the new holders from Chamonix, I use these exclusively, unless I need more film holders loaded.  I have a customized case that holds 6 holders.  

If you have any questions, send me an email or post a comment below for others to see too.